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SSVE Series - Occupational Requirements Survey: What Representatives and Vocational Experts Can Expect

This presentation will focus on how to understand the Vocational Expert’s (VE’s) use of the Occupational Requirements Survey (ORS) in Social Security Disability Hearings to provide the most accurate and current employment statistics responding to multi-factor hypotheticals posed by ALJs and appointed claimant representatives. ORS data provides valuable information on the prevalence of exertional and non-exertional components of today’s workforce compared to DOT assessments decades out of date.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the types of current information addressed by ORS compared to the outdated DOT.
  2. Develop a strategy to incorporate ORS in both VE testimony and appointed representative hypotheticals.
  3. Identify which hypothetical factors are addressed by ORS and how they influence employment statistics.

:1.5 CEs of the following credits have been applied: ABVE, CCMC, CDMS,  CRCC, CVE-CWA-CCAA, (Pending Approval)
  • CE approval codes valid through April 2024.