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Special Needs Trusts for the Rehabilitation Professional

An understanding of the importance and significant value of a First Party Funded Special Needs Trust in addressing personal injury and other settlement matters is critical for all participants in such cases. The use of such a trust can permit the continued availability of public benefits such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, public housing, and other resource-related benefits which can be essential for the welfare of a person with disabilities following a personal injury settlement or other receipt of significant funds. For example, the loss of Medicaid alone may cost millions of dollars to a person with disabilities over the course of a lifetime.


  • Identify the need for a First-Party Funded Special Needs Trust
  • Describe when such a trust is important for the recipient of an injury settlement or other significant monies.
  • Explain the impact of public benefits of the funding of a special needs trust
Credits: 1 CEs of the following credits have been applied: ABVE, CCMC, CDMS, CRCC, CVE-CWA-CCAA (Pending Approval)
  • CE approval codes valid through July 2024.
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