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203: Transferable Skills for the Beginning Professional


This session is designed for beginners. It is intended to give the attendee a history of transferable skills analysis (TSA), a basic understanding of TSA and the underlying methodology. There will be discussion of how TSA is used in various work settings for vocational evaluations intended for job placement assistance and for forensic cases.

learning objectives

  1. Explain the history of Transferable Skills Analysis.
  2. Describe transferable skills methodology and what it analyzes.
  3. Determine how to include Physical Restrictions, Mental Restrictions, and Test Results in a TSA.
  4. Identify differences in Forensic Transferable Skills Analysis vs. Transferable Skills Analysis for Job Placement.
  5. Explain Computerized Transferable Skills Analysis benefits.


  • Michelle McBroom Weiss, MA, CRC, CCM, NCC, MSCC, ABVE/D, IPEC

    Michelle McBroom Weiss began her career in vocational rehabilitation in 1991. She holds a BA in Social Work and an MA in Rehabilitation Counseling. Ms. Weiss holds several certifications including CRC, CCM, NCC, MSCC, IPEC, and ABVE/D.
    Ms. Weiss consults on workers’ compensation, personal injury, divorce, employment law, Longshore and Harbor Workers, long-term disability, and Social Security disability cases.

    Ms. Weiss has served in leadership roles within IARP at a chapter and national level for over 25 years. She is currently the Secretary to the IARP Board of Directors. She also volunteers with ABVE and the State of TN Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Ms. Weiss is published and speaks both locally and nationally regarding vocational rehabilitation and forensic vocational topics.

May 31, 2024
Fri 12:00 PM CDT

Duration 1H 0M

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