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The Vocational Impact of Disability Related Absences

[No CEs] Vocational experts are frequently required to provide an opinion of an individuals employability due to cognitive, physical, and psychological limitations. One aspect of these limitations which physicians may provide opinions regarding, is the issue of absenteeism in the workplace. Vocational experts often provide opinions as to the acceptability of a number of absences and the individuals ability to work. However, there is little objective data or literature regarding vocational standards and at what point a level of absenteeism may impact or preclude an individuals ability to compete in the labor market. This program is designed to highlight current literature from the fields of human resource, rehabilitation, economics, and sociology to provide a well researched and defensible basis for developing vocational opinions regarding an individuals employability secondary to issues of absenteeism.


  1. Utilize research and objective data to develop and/or defend opinions about an individuals employability when absenteeism is a critical factor
  2. Identify relevant and current literature pertaining to the issue of absentism
  3. Identify the difference between stand and and acceptable levels of absentism in the workplace and what levels of absentism are outside of those norms and not tolerated by the employer.

Staci Schonbrun