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The Impact of Title XVI, Title II, and Medicaid Waivers on Transition Planning

Untitled Document[No CEs] Join Bruce Bloom for a discussion about how SSI, SSDI, and Medicaid waivers may impact future career planning for transition-aged students.
When performing Vocational Rehabilitation Transition Services (VRTS), consideration needs to be given to the ability of the student to achieve a self-supporting income, their long term support needs, and if they will qualify for any type of long term adult service.
This webinar will explore Title VXI and Title II cash benefits, Medicaid, Medicare and Medicaid waivers and how these benefits could impact recommendations for future career planning.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:
  1. Understand the basic components of Title XVI, Title II, and Medicaid Waivers.
  2. Understand how these benefits are impacted by work, and how they impact career planning.
  3. Consider these benefits and make recommendations as a rehabilitation professional.