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The Contemporary Face of Social Security and Personal Injury Claimants

Authors: Irmo Marini, Danielle D. Fox, and Noel A. Ysai

Abstract. Vocational experts who provide expert testimony either in litigated personal injury cases or for the Social Security Administration have likely witnessed an increase in the frequency of individuals presenting with similar impairments over the last several years, perhaps specifically over the last decade. Trends have been noted within several particular areas. As an example, the ever-growing increase in obesity related and complementary secondary complications in the U.S. have been noted, and these trends are predicted to increase particularly according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Projections moreover, complaints of chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, in addition to Type II diabetes conditions, whether medically objectively supported or not, are most prevalent within Social Security claims. This paper focuses on characteristics of these conditions, in addition to the socioeconomic and psychosocial dynamics of such claimants. The vocational implications for vocational experts testifying in these scenarios regarding claimants in this ever-growing trend are further explored.

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