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20 Red Flags in a Life Care Plan/Life Care Plan Review

[No CEs] 20 Red Flags in a Life Care Plan/Life Care Plan Review will cover 20 common errors found in life care plans. The webinar will explore weaknesses often found in 3 major areas; structure and methodology, costs and specific goods and services. Throughout this webinar, you will gain insight into enhancing your own plans and preparing reviews of opposing plans.


By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:
  • Identify 5 red flags in a med mal life care plan related to structure and methodology.
  • Recognize 9 red flags in a personal injury life care plan related to costs.
  • Identify 5 red flags in a toxic exposure life care plan related to specific goods and services.
  • Evaluate a plaintiff life care plan and provide a strong review of the plaintiff plan for the defense. 

Linda Husted
Linda Husted is founder/owner of Husted Life Care Planning, Inc. Her education includes a RN Diploma, BS in Health Education, and Masters in Public Health. She is certified as a nurse life care planner (CNLCP) legal nurse consultant (LNCC), case manager (CCM) disability management specialist (CDMS) and rehabilitation counselor (CRCC). Her website is

Linda has 18 years of hospital experience and more than 30 years’ experience in case management including catastrophic claims involving head trauma and neurological injury. She has experience developing future medical cost projections since 1986 and life care plans for litigation since 2004. Some of her professional contributions include:
  • Co-author of Traumatic Brain Injury Chapter in the Core Curriculum for Nurse Life Care Planning
  • Author of the Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning article entitled Life Care Planning After Neonatal Encephalopathy