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FRCP 26: Implications of this Discovery Rule for the Rehabilitation Expert

[No CEs] A recent change in the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26 has implications for the rehabilitation expert in terms of preparing for a deposition or trial. The discovery process under this rule protects draft reports and work products during discovery, but also has implications of how a rehabilitation will work with a hiring attorney. The respective role functions of both professionals would need to be clarified in terms of expectations and ethical practice.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Explain the revisions of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26 which addresses the issue of discoverable materials
  2. Describe how the revised Rule 26 will relate to the Daubert trilogy rulings, and related federal rules
  3. Assess how the relationship between the hiring attorney and the evolving role of the rehabilitation expert.
Timothy Field, PhD, CRC
Kent Jayne, MS, ABVE, CRC, CLCP