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Spasticity Defined: Financial Costs and Impact on Life Care Plans

[No CEs] In this webinar, Dr. Lea will define the different types of spasticity, patient populations that are affected by spasticity, treatment options their costs and financial impact on life care plans. He will also review the impact to spasticity has on employability and caregiver requirements and load.

After completing this webinar the participant will be able to:

  1. Define the different categories of spasticity and the disease/injury processes associated with them.
  2. Describe the costs associated with treatment of spasticity including therapy costs, medication costs, and durable medical equipment costs.
  3. Explain how to implement the costs associated with spasticity into a life care plan to better serve the affected patient and/or caregiver.
  4. Evaluate the multiple comorbidities associated with untreated spasticity and its effect on multiple organ systems in the population of patients affected by spasticity.