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Choosing Transitional Neurorehabilitation & Long Term Care ABI Programs

[No CEs] This webinar will address aspects of post-acute programming that referral sources should be aware of when referring patients with acquired brain injury to transitional or long term care specialized programs. Dr. Zasler, an internationally respected physician specialist in TBI care, has nearly 30 years of experience in post-acute TBI care and 20 years direct hands-on experience in transitional and long term care after TBI. The program will cover such diverse issues as the nature of primary care staff and their training; transdisciplinary vs. interdisciplinary vs. multidisciplinary care; models of post-acute care; licensing and certifications; scope of necessary health related services; average length of stay and cost issues, among other matters to be covered. Issues between specialized programming and more traditional long term care options will also be explored including long term medical and psychosocial morbidity issues, cost-efficacy and quality of life issues.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review models of post-acute care
  2. Analyze the nature of and variation in the scope services offered in post-acute programs offering transitional and long term care after TBI
  3. Provide feedback on length of stay as well as cost and cost benefit
  4. Review placement option arguments from the clinical, patient, family and payor perspectives and examine the pros and cons of each