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Documenting Psychometric Evidence

About the Webinar

This on-demand webinar is presented from the authors of the I.C.E. White Paper, Documenting Psychometric Evidence. Learn complete and concise documentation practices for credentialing programs. The presenters provide guidance for appropriate sources of documentation that are applicable across the various ICE accreditation component programs and their respective standards.

This webinar assumes that the audience is familiar with basic credentialing and psychometric terminology (e.g., validity, reliability, fairness).

Learning Objectives
Participants will learn:

  • Categories of evidence to document for the testing components of a credentialing program
  • Examples of the types of information that may be included in psychometric documentation
  • The role documentation of psychometric data has with programmatic stakeholders and how to communicate these data
  • Strategies on how to emphasize documentation as a tool in the communication and defensibility of a credentialing program

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