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Digital Badging: A Strategic Perspective

About the Webinar
Much of the conversation about digital badging has focused on mechanics: the metadata behind the badge, features of badging platforms, and how to launch a badging program. What’s been missing from these conversations is a focus on the strategic implications of digital badging. What role can digital badging play in helping your organization to achieve its strategic goals? Is there a downside to implementing a digital badging program? What strategic conversations should staff and board engage in about digital badging – whether you are considering offering digital badges or are already doing so? Learn more about how certification program leaders can approach digital badging on a strategic level.

Listen to this webinar to:

  • Understand the features of digital badges and how they can be used.
  • Explore the strategic implications of awarding digital badges for certificate and certification programs.
  • Engage with other certification program executives in a strategic discussion about digital badging.
Accessing the Webinar
To access the webinar, click on the presentation below. A PDF of the presentation is included in the Resources tab under the webinar window.

You can view this webinar as many times as you like for 30 days, starting the day of access.

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