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Introduction to Computerized Adaptive Testing

About the Webinar
This on-demand webinar provides a focused introduction to computerized adaptive testing (CAT), allowing credentialing professionals to better understand the benefits of the approach and evaluate its applicability to their organization. 

Begin with a brief introduction to the algorithms of CAT, such as item selection and termination criterion, and how they are supported by item response theory. Next, discuss the benefits of CAT, from both a psychometric and operational perspective. Finally, learn a 5-step model for developing a valid, defensible CAT, which begins with feasibility studies that would be extremely useful for any organization not yet leveraging the benefits of CAT.

Accessing the Webinar
To access the webinar, click on the presentation below. A PDF of the presentation is included in the Resources tab under the webinar window.

You can view this webinar as many times as you like for 30 days, starting the day of access.

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