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Module 1- Course and Instructor Introductions

This section gives an overview of what to expect from the course, and provides brief introductions of the Course Director and five course instructors.

Course Modules:
  • There are seven other modules, varying in length based on the topics covered
  • Each module contains a number of video presentations, a PDF of the study guide for all the presentations within the module, and a short quiz
  • The study guides may be downloaded or printed
  • The quizzes have unlimited retakes
  • It is recommended to go through the course sequentially, beginning with Module 1, then going to Module 2, and so on. 
Course Instructors:
  • Nitin Joshi, Ph.D., CFS (Course Director)
  • Siva Kaliappan, M.S.
  • Suja Senan, Ph.D.
  • Hasmukh Patel, Ph.D.
  • David McCoy, Ph.D
  • M. Elizabeth Palmer, Ph.D
IFT is grateful for the time expertise shared by our volunteer subject matter experts who developed and taught this course. We especially thank Nitin, the Course Director, for his enthusiasm and participation in this course.