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Course Overview

This section gives an overview of what to expect from the course, and provides brief introductions of the Course Director and five course instructors.

Course Modules:
  • Overview of Dairy Industry
  • Chemical and Physical Properties of Milk
  • Processing of Milk: Part 1
    • Raw milk handling, clarification/cream separation, heat treatment/pasteurization/UHT
  • Processing of Milk: Part 2
    • Homogenization, membrane processing, fermentation, evaporation & dehydration
  • Dairy Products: Fluid Milk, Cream and Butter, Cheese, Yogurt and Ice Cream
  • Quality, Safety, and Regulation
  • Course Wrap-up

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Better understand the basic components of dairy science, including 
    • chemical and physical properties
    • processing
    • key products and ingredients
    • safety considerations
  • Identify how dairy science impacts and supports various aspects of the overall field of food science
  • Identify trends in the dairy industry

Intended Audience(s):
Professionals who have no/very little background about dairy, such as: Management, Sales & Marketing, Consumer Insights, Regulators, Scientists with a concentration in areas other than Dairy Science, Personnel who interact with Dairy R&D, Food Engineers, Operations & Production Personnel, Dietitians & Nutritionists
Course Instructors:
  • Nitin Joshi, Ph.D., CFS (Course Director)
  • Siva Kaliappan, M.S.
  • Suja Senan, Ph.D.
  • Hasmukh Patel, Ph.D.
  • David McCoy, Ph.D
  • M. Elizabeth Palmer, Ph.D

Continuing Education Credits and Certificates:
  • This Introduction to Dairy Science Online Course = 7 CH 
  • Current Certified Food Scientists (CFS) may claim 1 recertification contact hour (CH) per hour of food science content by participating in this eLearning program. Click here for more information on CFS recertification requirements.
  • IFT is a Continuing Professional Education Accredited Provider (IN141) with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Commission on Dietetic Registration. Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians may receive continuing professional education units for participation in this eLearning program.