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Sensory Science Mythbusters: "Is Fat Another Basic Taste?" - Sensory and Consumer Science Division Webcast | March 23, 2016 | Contact Hours: 1.5

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This webcast was organized with the support of the Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division.

Research published in July 2015 suggested that fat should be considered the sixth taste. This research was immediately picked up by many news sources as for decades, scientists have agreed on four (and then five) basic tastes, with fat being considered a mouthfeel. But this new research indicates that in addition to having a mouthfeel, fat does indeed have a “taste.”

This webcast examines the idea of “taste”, with a more specific examination of fat and its perception. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the premise of "basic tastes," possible definitions and their disproof, and the traps that arise from assuming the model of basic tastes is correct. The second part of the presentation specifically addresses fat, with data suggesting that in addition to having a mouth feel, fat seems to have a true taste.

After watching this webcast you will:
  • have a better understanding of the complexities of the basic taste model
  • understand the difference between a taste and a mouthfeel
  • understand the contribution of fat toward sensory perception
  • Jeannine Delwiche
  • Richard Mattes
  • Allison Baker (Moderator)

    Length: 80 minutes
    Contact Hours (CH): 1.5

    Find a PDF of the presentation slides under the "Resources" tab.