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Best Practices in Food Traceability for the Processed Food Sector | January 14, 2015 | Contact Hours: 0.5

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This webcast is hosted in partnership with the
Global Food Traceability Center.

Are you considering designing a traceability plan for your company or plant? Are you in the processed food business with several types of products in your portfolio? Do you know how processed food can be traced back from the consumer's dining table back to the farm?If you are in the food industry and are asking these questions, then spend 30 minutes learning about best practices in food traceability for the processed food sector. Synthesizing the learnings from the report, A Guidance Document on the Best Practices in Food Traceability, two traceability experts demonstrate how to create a comprehensive traceability plan for the processed food sector. The webcast shows you what Key Data Elements (KDEs) need to be collected at which Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) to ensure effective food traceability. Particular attention is focused on real-world scenarios and tactical execution of traceability plans.

Lars Pekay
Length: 30 minutes
Contact Hours: 0.5