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Global Food Traceability Systems: Today and Near Future | June 22, 2014 | Contact Hours: 1.5 | FREE

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This webcast is hosted in partnership with the
 Global Food Traceability Center.

The current food safety and traceability regulatory structure has been in place for the past few decades. While slow and steady progress has been made in updating these regulations, it has failed to keep up with the pace of innovation in the food industry. The advancement and adoption of information technology has changed the way the industry does business, while at the same time increasing the complexity of the global food supply. This has inadvertently made a significant impact on the safety, quality and traceability of the foods consumers eat today.

This session intends to explore the current state of food traceability systems on a global scale, while offering insights on what is on the horizon. Significant regulatory changes are coming from around the globe, impacting not only the way industry conducts business, but also changing the way regulators protect public health.

A regulatory perspective will be offered on the changes currently underway and coming in the near future on food safety, defense and traceability. This will be followed by an example of the industry “taking the bull by its horns" and preemptively attempting to build its food safety and traceability capability through innovative solutions and cross-industry collaboration. Finally, a scientific perspective will be offered on what the near future looks like in the realm of food safety and traceability through the lens of anticipatory foresight.

Michele Southall
Hilary Thesmar, CFS
Tejas Bhatt, CFS

Webcast Length: 90 minutes
Contact Hours (CH): 1.5