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Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Course

DS 169 Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Course Information:

Welcome to the Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Training!

This training was developed in a partnership between the Iowa Department of Human Services and Iowa State University-Child Welfare Research and Training Project -

Please give this course your full attention. For optimum functioning, use Chrome and close all other browsers on your computer. PLEASE NOTE THAT POP-UPS MUST BE ENABLED TO ADVANCE THROUGH THE COURSE.

Please first complete the pre-test. This is a knowledge check only and does not affect your training or final score. You must watch 100% of each training video to receive credit and move to the next video module. You will have three opportunities to score 80% on the post-test.

The certificate provides 2.4 hours of continuing education and meets the Board of Social Work Examiner's criteria.

For further information regarding the requirements for mandatory reporter training, please see the Iowa Department of Human Services' website at:

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