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Webinar: New ASTM Performance Standard for General Public Facemasks


Dave Rousse, President, INDA, and Jeff Stull, President, International Personnel Protection, Inc.

When the pandemic hit and supply chains for N95 respirators and medical/surgical facemasks were cut off overnight, there was a tremendous need for supply of these PPE items. US meltblown capacity was not robust enough to meet demand.

The industry needed to conserve meltblown for the healthcare sector while using other nonwoven­­­­­ media to provide protection to the general public. INDA worked with NIOSH (part of the CDC) and ASTM to develop a performance standard for general public facemasks that ensured comfort, fit, and some level of protection for the wearer as well as those around the wearer.

This webinar will discuss the two performance levels of the new facemask standard, the test methods, and the opportunities created for facemask designers and filter media makers who want to capitalize on this new benchmark for true personal protection.