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Webinar: Plastics Concerns and the Nonwoven Industry

Tom Carlyle, Nonwovens Commercial Manager-Americas, Lenzing AG
Jessica Franken, Director of Government Affairs, INDA
Dave Rousse, President, INDA

The European Union launch of the Single Use Plastics Directive designed to address plastic items found on beaches in Europe results in a definition of “plastic” that fits within the EU’s REACH system for regulating chemicals. This definition renders viscose, a regenerated cellulose product and key ingredient in many nonwoven products (especially wipes), as a “plastic”. In turn, viscose could be subjected to new taxes, labeling requirements, and outright bans.

This 50-minute webinar reviews:

  • Actions in the EU and in North America, where legislation related to plastics have been introduced in California, Canada and the US Congress.
  • Industry threats to nonwoven sectors
  • INDA actions with plastic industry associations to inform policy makers of the consequences of material-specific versus performance-based approaches.

“All businesses involved in nonwovens should know of these impending impacts on nonwoven products and the unintended consequences to their business. Jessica Franken, INDA Director of Government Relations, will review the state of play and INDA’s engagement with other plastic industry associations to address the challenges of the EU approach. Tom Carlyle of Lenzing will discuss the viscose/lyocell supply and interchangeability realities,” said Dave Rousse, President, INDA.