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Our industry is evolving like no other – and training is key. To stay ahead and think forward, you need a rock-solid knowledge base and advanced learning on each aspect of nonwovens. That is why INDA’s Professional Development Center needs to be on the radar of every product developer, marketing manager, technical salesperson, support professional, and any other professional in nonwovens and engineered fabrics.

This thriving center of excellence is available to INDA members and non-members through online on-demand courses, with instant access to knowledge when and where you need it. With a few clicks, you can tap into the teachings of course instructors who are at the upper echelon of the nonwoven and engineered fabrics industry brain trust.

The Professional Development Center’s training experiences are designed to help all industry members who want to thrive in their careers and add value to their organizations. With on-point curricula that’s intensely focused on nonwoven topics, each course brings its participants a level of depth and tangibility found in no other classroom. You gain focused, up-to-the-minute knowledge.