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2020 Leadership Summit Virtual Sessions

What is a Virtual Leadership Summit?

The word “summit” has two distinct meanings: one being a meeting or conference, the other being the highest peak of a hill or mountain. We like to think of a Leadership Summit as both: a meeting of current and aspiring American Inns of Court leaders that will equip you with the insights and the tools you need to ascend to excellence. And “virtual” means we’ll do this online rather than in person.

Attend this Virtual Leadership Summit to collaborate with your fellow Inn leaders and AIC staff to gain insights and hear best practices for leading your Inn through the end of the current Inn year and into the fall.

Who should participate?
Any current or incoming Inn leader or those who aspire to become Inn leaders should participate in the virtual summit.

Why should I participate?
You should participate in the virtual summit to hear how Inns around the country are continuing to meet members' needs, and to share your  thoughts on planning for the new Inn year beginning in the fall.

Is there a charge for participating?
This member-only program is offered at no charge; simply click on the "purchase" button below to register. (You may need to sign-in to the American Inns of Court website in order to complete your registration...if you are a member, you have credentials! Your user ID is probably the email you had when you first became a member; if you have any trouble, please contact NOT create a new profile.)