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Inn Program Reprise: Technology and the Practice of Law


Technology can increase the ease and productivity of your law practice, as well as support the practice of law in a virtual environment. Whether due to a pandemic, illness or hospitalization, fire, flood or other challenges that make traditional face-to-face practice of law either difficult or impossible, technology exists to help you meet the needs of your clients and the courts under almost any condition. 

This program's content is focused on technology that allows for business continuity and sustainability. While the information is helpful for anyone practicing law - whether from the Bench or the Bar - it is particularly useful for small firms or solo practitioners.  

This program is not meant to "sell" a particular technology or company, but we do share specifics based on success and usefulness as deemed by Inn members. If you are a vendor, please contact us and we'd be happy to include your product in the appropriate resources area; if you are an Inn member who knows of a particularly useful technology that has not been shared, please let us know so we can include it!


  • Practice Management
  • Legal Research
  • File and Document Management
  • Litigation Support
Sections contain video presentations, documents and links to additional information. Once you have gone through all the sections, you'll complete a Knowledge Check and an evaluation. A certificate can then be issued for attorneys wishing to self-report for CLE credit (this program could be valid for 1.5 general CLE credits in most jurisdictions). 

While the program that inspired this course originally took place in Florida, the content is relevant and applicable to most jurisdictions; however, it is always a good idea to check specifics in your own location.

CLE Eligibility

If you are unsure if this program has been approved in your state or have any questions about self-reporting, please click on the CLE icon to find out more or  contact us before taking the time to purchase and complete this program!


  • Members and Alumni: $30
  • Non-members: $45