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Member & Alumni Opportunity: LegalSifter


Contracts are the single most important document in global commerce—they are to the practice of law what oil is to your car's engine: they keep things running. LegalSifter combines AI, software, and services to create products that deliver solutions to clients who have challenges with contracts both before and after they are signed. LegalSifter's products are used globally by small businesses, mid-sized organizations, the Global 500, governments, universities and law firms of all sizes.

We feel your pain. Reviewing and negotiating contracts is complicated and tedious.LegalSifter software reads contracts and gives in-context advice before contracts are signed. This helps to reduce risk, save time, and drive compliance with corporate standards.

Librarian on call.  Keeping track of contracts after they are signed provides an equally difficult challenge. LegalSifter's “after you sign” solution, Sifter Concierge, is a contract librarian service that catalogs and organizes documents so clients can simply focus on running their businesses.

Technology and expertise. LegalSifter’s blend of technology and expertise sets them apart from others in the legal tech space. They don't think the world is ready for robot lawyers, and they're not out to make the job of an attorney obsolete. Rather, they envision a future enabled by artificial intelligence and embedded with industry expertise, that keeps the human in the loop. 

Let's partner up!  American Inns of Court is excited to announce a strategic partnership with LegalSifter, which allows active Inn members and alumni to try out the LegalSifter product free for three months. Simply click on the element below to get your access code, signup and start sifting today!

Intrigued but not affiliated with an American Inn of Court ? No problem! Just email LegalSifter and learn how you can start your AI journey today.