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Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Profession

explore the impact of a technology that is here to stay

Are you curious about AI and how the use and application of AI technologies are shaping the legal profession? If so, you won't want to miss this presentation hosted by LegalSifter CEO, Kevin Miller.

In this program, you'll learn about different types of artificial intelligence, how AI is being applied within the legal industry today, and what impact it's likely to have in the coming years. You will also receive some advice on how to begin your own artificial intelligence journey and understand why you will want to begin that journey now.

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Each part contains a video presentation and a Knowledge Check. Once you have gone through all the parts, you'll complete an evaluation. A certificate will then be generated. 

CLE Eligibility

If you are unsure if this program has been approved in your state or have any questions about self-reporting, please click on the CLE icon to find out more or  contact us before taking the time to purchase and complete this program!


Members: $30
Non-members: $45