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Inn Program Reprise: The Queen v. Snow White: An Examination of Daubert and Frye

Who's the fairest of them all? Let's bring in the experts.

In the case of The Evil Queen v. Snow White, The Queen maintains that she is the "fairest of them all" while Snow White challenges this assumption. These two characters go to battle using the testimony of expert witnesses. So...who said it best? 

In this course, you'll learn:
  • How to recognize the differences between the Frye and Daubert standards for expert testimony; and,
  • How to navigate the ethical challenges associated with experts providing the testimony.


  • Act I: The Queen and Ms. Mirror
  • Act II: Dr. Doc, M.D.
  • Act III: Experts on Experts
Each part contains a video presentation and a Knowledge Check. Once you have gone through all the parts, you'll complete an evaluation. A certificate will then be generated for attorneys wishing to self-report for CLE credit.

CLE Eligibility

If you are unsure if this program has been approved in your state or have any questions about self-reporting, please click on the CLE icon to find out more or  contact us before taking the time to purchase and complete this program!


  • Members and Alumni: $30
  • Non-members: $45
Thanks to the Craig S. Barnard American Inn of Court in West Palm Beach, FL for their content idea and presentation! Remember, they are lawyers not actors, Hollywood camera operators or audio technicians...