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What a Disaster: Choose Your Own Ethical Adventure to Disaster Planning (Fall 2024)


Defining Disaster 

Planning for the possibility of a large natural disaster—such as a hurricane, tornado, or flooding—is prudent, but other "mundane" events for others can be a disaster for an attorney: the sudden death or disability of a key individual to a firm, disbarment or suspension, an office fire, a breach of cyber security, or even simply spilling coffee on an office computer.

Disaster and Professionalism

While the ABA's Model Rules of Professional Conduct set forth the regulations under which attorneys practice, they do not excuse a failure to comply based on the occurrence of a disaster. Even knowledge that a disaster could occur could subject attorneys to ethical violations and legal malpractice claims if they fail to plan for it.

Being Prepared

This course is designed to help you think about how vulnerable you or your firm are to disaster and then how to prepare. What resources are available? How will a particular disaster affect clients/co-workers/family? Periodic evaluation and subsequent updates on resource identification, specific emergency plans and financial support are critical to the ethical and professional practice of law.

Each module will:
  • set the scene for the challenges to come;
  • offer two sets of branching options;
  • summarize what is important to learn;
  • provide a tie-back to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct;
  • identify additional resources; and
  • test your knowledge.
Pricing for this course:
  • AIC Members: $525
  • AIC Alumni: $625 (contact us for a code!)
  • Non-members: $725

A unique, robust, engaging personalized LEARNING experience.

  • The course opens on Sunday, September 22 and runs through Saturday, October 19, 2024.
  • Not a standard CLE experience, you can "choose your own adventure" to navigate a category or style of disaster.
  • At the end of each module, you will be asked to be thoughtful about a particular aspect of planning. These exercises will roll-up into your own Disaster Plan document which can be used to start your own preparations.
  • Within the course parameters, you can go at your own pace and schedule.
  • Completion garners you a "Diaster Preparedness" certificate from the American Inns of Court.
  • Check out the syllabus here to ensure your schedule will allow your full participation before registering.

CLE Eligibility

CLE credit will be sought for registrants only. You could earn up to 5 CLE professionalism/ethics credit hours depending on your jurisdiction. If you are unsure if this program will be approved in your state or have any questions, please contact us before taking the time to register for this program.