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Mentoring Scavenger Hunt for Pairs

Scavenger Hunt for Mentoring Pairs

In honor of Mentoring Month, have a little fun with a mentoring partner! Participate in these activities together and submit some "proof" - the idea is to get to know each other better, start a new mentoring relationship or just enjoy the spirit of the month.
Activities must be completed by January 31 and submitted by February 1, 2019.

Shall we see which region or state has the most participation? A little friendly Inn-to-Inn competition never hurt anyone...HAVE FUN!


  • "Proof" of completion can consist of a photo or video or other creative documentation.
  • it needs to be "new" as in created for this contest, not pre-existing.
  • Upload the proof to the assignment as an attachment.
  • Complete at least three out of the first five activities in any order you would like, leaving #6 for last, which is required.
  • Don't overthink it! If you think your submission should be counted, it probably will be. Your American Inns of Court judges are very nice.
  • Post some of your photos to #MentoringMonth or on our Facebook page.
Each team which completes the requisite tasks will receive special recognition in The Bencher magazine; the first team to do so will receive a little something extra!

This program is for American Inns of Court members only.