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End-to-end SIL2 with ISA100 Wireless Webinar

In this webinar we will demonstrate how the object-based ISA100 Wireless™ standard allows users to benefit from the application of industrial wireless communications whilst achieving SIL2 for gas detection systems and will show a case study for wireless gas detectors employed at platform with no existing infrastructure.

GasSecure developed the GS01 wireless infrared (IR) hydrocarbon gas detector and the Polytron 6100 wireless Electrochemical detector with 140 detectible gases, which operates with several orders of magnitude lower power consumption than today’s standard wired gas detectors. This truly wireless battery powered field device is specifically designed for long term duty in industrial safety and monitoring applications including use in SIS.

Adne Bear-Olsen
Business Development Manager
Ådne Baer-Olsen BDM Draeger. Responsible for driving wireless adaptation in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Worked with introducing several new technologies to the Oil & Gas marked. Supplied and delivered the first fully integrated wireless gas detection system in the world. Offshore Norway. Worked my way from Sales manager, to sales director and finally Division director for detection in Origo Solutions AS. Then I was recruited to Global sales director for Consilium Oil & Gas responsible for establishing Consilium as a Global supplier of SIL2 detection system in the Oil & Gas marked. Now I am back to Draeger GasSecure to drive the fire & gas detection solution business development.