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A practical approach to industrial cybersecurity and its relationship to total cost of ownership (TCO)

Industrial cybersecurity was established as a new layer of security and industrial risk discipline which needs to be managed. In this session, the speaker will present analyze different situational scenarios and explain its relationship with its risk and total cost of ownership (TCO). We will also discuss the foundation and basis to develop a sound industrial cyber security program.

  The Presenters
Maximillian G. Kon
Max, a United States resident, born in Memphis, Tennessee, developed his career mostly in South America, is the founder and CEO of WisePlant headquartered in South Florida. He is an Electronics Engineer specialized in control systems and telecommunications and has developed his career in industrial automation and industrial cybersecurity. He has more than 20 years of experience in industrial critical systems and SCADA in many types of industries, including oil, gas, energy, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, water, paper, metallurgical, mining, food, beverage, automotive, smart buildings and others.

He joined the Industrial Cybersecurity Committee of ISA99 in 2006. Max has accompanied the development of the series of standards ISA/IEC-62443 since then and has participated in various activities at ISA and ISA Secure. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, Max collaborates with ISA Training group in the creation and development of the training program and professional certificate and is also an ISA official instructor of the program.

Eric Cosman
Eric has over 35 years experience in the management of process automation related technology and solutions in the process industries. He retired as a Manufacturing and Engineering Fellow from the Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Michigan. While with Dow, his responsibilities included system architecture definition and design, technology management and integration planning for manufacturing systems globally.

Eric has held positions in both Canada and the United States, with assignments in Process Engineering, Process Systems Software Development, Telecommunications, Automation Architecture and Consulting.