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The Road to Digitalization Leads Through Cybersecurity

The promise is real. The age of digitalization, Industrie 4.0, and Industrial IoT-enabled smart factory will usher greater operational intelligence, more efficient production, and safer work environments.Realizing that promise means coming to terms with OT cybersecurity because the enablers of digitalization – smart sensors, ubiquitous connectivity, and remote access– are also enablers for cyberattacks.

A recent Ponemon Institute study revealed that only a third of oil and gas organizations surveyed rated their OT cyber readiness as high. With aging assets, poor security practices, and nearly a decade of bad guys learning how industrial control systems work, industry leaders are concerned about OT security challenges ahead. Now is that time for our operations and security leadership to plan and act more strategically so we can secure our digitalization future.

Please join us for this ISA-hosted webinar on how industry must meet the challenge of securing operational environments.Cybersecurity veterans Leo Simonovich, Siemens’ Vice President and Global Head of Industrial Cyber and Digital Security; Eddie Habibi, PAS Founder and CEO; and Steve Mustard, chair of ISA’s Automation Federation Cybersecurity Committee will provide insights on what holds industry back from a secure, digital future and what strategies leading edge companies are employing to mitigate enterprise risk.

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