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How to Protect Your Industrial Control Systems / SCADA Systems using Cryptography

[Webinar Replay] SCADA Systems and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have their own challenges to overcome such as adhering to industry regulations, maintaining field equipment, and integrating legacy devices into modern communication networks. It is this incorporation of modern communication technology into legacy SCADA networks which created situations where assets that were once safe and isolated are now exposed to cyber-attacks. Once improbable, attacking SCADA assets is now a matter of certainty. Hacking is no longer a business model for criminals and political activists—now it’s a means of implementing foreign policy for hostile governments and terrorists. Since ICS straddles the cyber and physical worlds, targets that result in high collateral damage are usually the goal, such as destroying critical infrastructure, undermining competitors’ reputations, and ultimately killing civilians. Stuxnet showed the world that ICS and SCADA networks can easily be successfully compromised. This has inspired scores of copy-cat attacks and spurned hostile governments to invest billions of dollars in similar capabilities.

This webinar will focus on discussions surrounding the following topics:

  • Understand the vulnerabilities of your ICS/SCADA system.
  • Identify who will be attacking your system and types of threats.
  • Ways to counter these threats with specific technical solutions.