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Challenges of Multivendor Systems in Implementation of IIoT-ready PLCs

[Webinar Replay] The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has the potential to be the most significant development in automation systems since the introduction of distributed control systems. Specifically, PLCs with IIoT capability can provide a broad range of benefits. An IIoT-ready PLC should optimize operations and maintenance efficiencies to liberate personnel from manual processes. It should also provide all the benefits that open systems have historically promised: secure connectivity, tight integration to devices from multiple vendors, easy configuration, efficient operations, and reduced maintenance.

However, coordination among several vendors can also present risk to implementation of an automation project. Combining PLC and DCS systems from the same vendor can make coordination easier with fewer teams and direct access to system knowledge, resulting in faster system setup, testing and troubleshooting. In addition, operational benefits can be achieved through combined HMI, fewer integration errors, and less unplanned downtime. Manufacturer integration between PLC and DCS reduces both risk and cost.