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Getting practical about cybersecurity: What must the energy sector do to raise readiness?

Cyber attacks in the global energy sector are getting more frequent and sophisticated every day. All energy companies are aware of this reality and the growing threat, but many are uncertain of the steps to take to strengthen their cyber hygiene. How can energy companies overcome their cyber confidence gap? What are the practical steps necessary to secure their operational technology (OT) production environments? What should the next generation roadmap look like for industrial control systems in the energy sector?

Join cybersecurity experts Ben Collar, head of Industrial Cyber and Digital Security for Europe (Siemens), Eric Cosman, ISA99 committee co-chair (International Society of Automation) and Ted Gary, Senior Product Marketing Manager (Tenable) for a practical discussion on this most pressing challenge facing the energy sector. This webinar is intended for those increasingly responsible for helping to protect their organizations from cyber attacks, at both the fleet and plant levels (e.g., system engineers, control engineers)

By the end of this webinar, participants will gain practical advice on how to help their organizations answer these essential questions:

  • What assets must you protect in your OT environment?
  • How do you decide which assets are most critical for your operations?
  • Where are your greatest cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exposures?
  • How should you be protecting yourselves against insider threats (both malicious and incidental)?
  • How should you be monitoring and responding to cyber attacks?
  • Are you using the best resources and talent to protect your organizations?
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