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ISASecure Certification: An End User’s Perspective

The IEC 62443 standard represent thousands of cybersecurity expert man hours of work. This webinar will review the basics of the 62443 standards and provide an overview of the ISASecure certification process. Additionally, the webinar will highlight the particular benefits and value of the ISASecure certification from an asset owner’s perspective.

This webinar will be an opportunity for other asset owners to experience a real-world end user viewpoint and provide further insight to suppliers considering certification.

About the Presenters:

Kenny MeskerKenny Mesker
Chevron, ICS Cybersecurity Engineer

Kenny is an ICS Cybersecurity Engineer with Chevron’s Information Technology Company. He is an ICS Risk Assessment SME and a member of the ICSJWG Workforce Development team and several ISA 62443 TGs. Kenny also acts as an advisor to Chevron’s Process Control Network (PCN) Standards Review Board, is an active advisor to the Chevron Vulnerability Assessment Team, and is a Chevron Tech Expert. Before joining Chevron, he worked for Stanza Systems, Inc. where he served as Director of Engineering and managed a team developing, operating, and maintaining custom smart grid data acquisition and analysis tools and services. Prior to that, Kenny worked for Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Diverse Networks, Inc. and Telvent Automation in Senior Architect, Developer and Field Application Support roles. Among other topics, Kenny’s career has included Business Intelligence application development, wireless telemetry data delivery solutions, network management, and environmentally resilient computing platforms. Kenny is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Electrical Engineering with post-graduate work in fault tolerance and resilient engineering.

Dennis Parker
Chevron, Manager ICS Cybersecurity Assurance

Dennis is currently responsible for the cybersecurity assurance of all industrial control systems in Chevron. He is currently Chairman for the LOGIIC Consortium, and was formerly Chairman of the ISA Security Compliance Institute. Dennis supported and contributed to the development of IEC 62443-3-2, Security Risk Assessment and System Design. Dennis graduated from Texas A&M University in 1984 with a degree in Computer Science. He began working on support and maintenance of Pipe Line SCADA systems at Control Applications. Prior to joining Chevron, he held many roles related to SCADA Systems in Application Development/Support, Database Support, Network Infrastructure, and security of wireless networks.