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IPA cafe'

IPA café is an online live interactive networking opportunity to allow open discussion between IPA members and future members. This program is designed as a virtual meet-up similar to coffee breaks (or cocktail hours), providing mental health professionals a forum to connect with peers for informal conversations around a single topic. Topics are posed as questions, and no preparation is required to attend the event.


29 October 2020: What do you do to combat stress and burnout?
This second event took a unique twist and developed into an in-depth discussion of opportunities to become involved with IPA. While it wasn’t the expected program, attendees were fully engaged and enjoyed the way the discussion evolved around their interests – just one more way IPA leaders listen to and value feedback from members and colleagues! 
13 August 2020: How has your life changed with COVID-19?
This inaugural program was a robust discussion among IPA members and their colleagues sharing their experiences working in mental health care for older adults in a time of COVID-19, social distancing and more.
A personal invitation from Dr. Daisy Acosta, IPA café Organizing Committee:
Dear Friends,
At IPA we have created this e-space with the thought of "simple talk" about a subject that interests us while we drink our coffee, tea, or even cocktails! There is no need for preparation, it is just a talk utilizing the Zoom video platform. We’ll get to meet each other, share our experiences and learn how others are adapting to this whole new way of living and working.
We encourage you to invite your colleagues and friends to join us and get to know IPA.

IPA café Organizers
Daisy Acosta
(Dominican Republic)
Maria Lapid
(United States)
A few of the participants from the August program