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23 May 2020: COVID-19: A global view through member vlogs

COVID-19, social distancing and its impact on social and mental health of the elderly population
In collaboration with INTERDEM, IPA brought together international speakers to share their experiences focusing on geriatric mental health, specifically the impact of social distancing on social health and social functioning of the elderly population. The result was a live, 90-minute webinar with Q&A moderated by IPA President Dr. William Reichman.
Also included in the program was a video blog (vlog) by front-line care providers in New York City, US. Additional vlogs have been curated from nine members around the globe and are linked below.

Vlog Presenters:
All videos are presented in English unless noted otherwise. 

Prof. Dr. Ricardo F. Allegri -
Profesor de Neurología, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Jefe de Neurología Cognitiva, Neuropsiquiatría y Neuropsicología
Centro de Memoria y Envejecimiento
Instituto de Investigaciones Neurológicas FLENI
Prof. Shuichi Awata -  DOWNLOAD TRANSCRIPT
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology
(Please note Professor Awata's Vlog is in Japanese with his transcript available in English.)
John Brennan -
Vice-Chairperson and Director of the Board of the Irish Association of Social Workers
Vice-President of the International Federation of Social Workers’ European (IFSW-E) Executive
Dr. Alberto Ortiz Corrada (with Dr. Jorge Acevedo Canabal)
University of Puerto Rico
School of Medicine
Puerto Rico
Dr. Brent P. Forester -
McLean Hospital; Chief, Center of Excellence in Geriatric Psychiatry
Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Research Program Harvard Medical School
Associate Professor of Psychiatry Partners Health Care
Medical Director, Behavioral Health Integration, Partners Population Health
Medical Director, Evaluation and Research, Partners Population Health
United States
Prof. Dawne Garrett -
Professional Lead Care of Older People and Dementia Care at Royal College of Nursing
King's College London
United Kingdom
Responsabile Settore Servizi alla Persona
A.S.P. Valloni Marecchia

(Please note Dr. Graziani's Vlog is in Italian with her transcript available in English.)
Dr. Mark Joven -
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism, Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Tomás León Rodríguez -
Psiquiatra; Unidad de Memoria. Clínica de Memoria y Neuropsiquiatria
Servicio de Neurología
Hospital del Salvador
Dr. Ellen D Sano (with Karen Miranda) -
Assistant Professor Department of Emergency Medicine
Columbia University Irving Medical Center
United States
Karen Miranda (with Dr. Ellen Sano)
Clinical Nurse Manager, Adult Emergency Department
New York Presbyterian, Columbia University Irving Medical Center
United States