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Improving Speed-to-Market

Managing time-to-market and improving speed-to-market in product and service development are critical issues for innovating businesses. Speed-to-market is widely believed to be required for the success of new products and services.

Module Outline: 
Step 1: Decide if improving speed-to-market will contribute to meeting your business goals

  • Step 1a. Does speed-to-market matter for your business?
  • Step 1b. What specific benefits are you seeking?
  • Step 1c. What disadvantages do you want to avoid? – Balancing speed-to-market and other objectives
  • Step 1d. Decision point – Implementing speed-to-market
Step 2: Devise a plan for improving your speed-to-market
  • Step 2a. Define your problem statement and project team
  • Step 2b. Analyze: your current state and planned future state
  • Step 2c. Review your planned future state
  • Step 2d. Decision point – Implement proposed changes?
Step 3: Implement and continuously improve management of your speed-to-market
  • Step 3a. Pilot project(s)
  • Step 3b. Implement
  • Step 3c. Improve, monitor and learn