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Accelerating Happy Accidents: How to Increase Serendipity & Innovation

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Isolation and limited interaction in the workspace are not only impacting us socially. They are exacting a heavy toll on the role serendipity has in knowledge sharing and creation. In this webinar, Kent Greenes will share his learning and insights on ways to increase serendipity through cultural, procedural and technical enablers that have been the cornerstone of Knowledge management since its beginnings in the workplace.

Some of the key enablers Kent will cover include:
• Chance favoring the prepared mind
• Informal knowledge communities and networks
• Half-don’t knows
• Sharing failures and successes
• Stories from multiple voices
• Facilitating opportunistic encounters
Kent will use examples, stories and questions to prompt a dialogue that leverages the experience of the participants as well as his own. Please join us for a highly interactive session.

About the Speaker:

Kent has worked internationally in a variety of executive, operations, technology and business renewal roles in energy, engineering and consulting industries. Recognized internationally as a pioneer in Knowledge Management, Fortune Magazine identified him in 1999 as the world’s leading money-maker in the field due to his business impact in the energy industry. Along with Jack Welch and Michael Dell, Kent was recognized as one of the top twenty knowledge leaders in the world by the Teleos Most Admired Knowledge Leaders survey.

Kent worked in British Petroleum for 17 years, where he established one of the world’s first global KM programs, delivering a new source of value for the company. Under his leadership, BP received their first Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award. Kent then joined SAIC as their first CKO, where he engineered a grass-roots approach to KM and developed a cross-organizational capability to leverage the collective know-how and insights of employees regardless of their location and business stream.
Kent also led SAICs business transformation program, where he introduced Change Management & Six Sigma practices with KM resulting in millions of dollars of improved cash flow and a shift to more open culture. SAIC received their first MAKE Awards in 2005, winning in both the North America and Global categories. He is the only person in the world to have led more than one company to this coveted award.