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2021 Spring Networks Conference

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The 2021 Virtual Spring Networks Conference featured a blend of webinars and interactive roundtables exploring topics chosen by IRI members.

The following networks held sessions at the meeting:

What topics were selected for the Spring Networks Conference?
Highlights include:
  • Circular Economy
  • Digital Innovation and Sustainability
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks
  • Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Strategy
  • Identifying and Managing Startup Partnerships
  • iHOPe Project: Nudge Your Organization to Better Decision-Making
  • Innovation Portfolio Management
  • Organizing Time for Innovation
  • Post-Pandemic Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Roles for Strategic Innovation Capabilities
  • Sourcing Global Innovation Partners
  • Tools to Strengthen Customer Relationships
  • Trade Secrets

What is the IRI Networks Program?
The IRI Networks Program consists of multiple groups ("networks"), each focused on different functions and R&D and innovation. These networks explore topics chosen by the IRI community through peer presentations, interactive roundtables guest speakers, and workshops. The most unique feature of the IRI Networks Program is the emphasis on an interactive format. Many topics are covered as roundtables discussions to give attendees the opportunity to exchange insight and develop new approaches to shared challenges, and time is set aside specifically to dive into new hot topics.

Who can join a Network?
All IRI members are eligible to join the Networks Program, which is part of your company's IRI membership benefits.

How can I learn more about the prorgam and/or conference?
Contact Mallory Smith ( for more information.