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RTM Lunch & Learn Discussion - Dr. Alexander Kott

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Join us for a discussion of “Anticipating the Next Technology: The Study of the 800-year Evolution in Small Arms,” an IRI Research-Technology Management (RTM) Lunch & Learn Discussion with Alexander Kott.
Estimating future capabilities is a challenge for companies. Dr. Kott will explain how a generalizable model derived from a case study of armaments can be used to estimate expected capabilities that will be required in 2050. He will also discuss how companies in other industries can use the model to create a quantitative view of future capabilities to make long-term R&D investment decisions. Alexander Kott is the Chief Scientist of the US Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory (ARL). He is also the Army Senior Research Scientist (ST) for Cyber Resilience, focusing on future technologies critical to the Army. He earned his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. He has published more than 100 technical papers and has been the coauthor and editor of 12 books.
Dr. Kott will present key findings from his paper published in RTM Volume 64, Issue 4.