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2011 Member Summit: The Best Conversations Start Here - Delivering Growth in the New Reality

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A significant number of organizations, and therefore their R&D operations, have gone through a major transition since the economic collapse in 2008/2009. For most companies, this means doing more with fewer staff, a shorter-term business focus and a risk-averse business culture. In climbing out of this economic decline, both industry and government are focusing on putting growth back on the agenda, encouraging more R&D and innovation, and aligning portfolios with their business strategies and the new realities.

For these reasons, companies are examining the merits of a growth-focused agenda, and putting risk-taking back into their business strategy to retain a competitive advantage. Exactly how are these companies picking the right opportunities, putting people and resources in the right places and gaining or regaining a growth-oriented workforce and culture? These questions will be main the focus of the 2011 Member Summit.