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Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives had a resurgence during COVID, with increased awareness within the Fortune 500. A key concept within the Diversity Equity Inclusion space – Belonging – is the secret sauce to delivering impact from DEI initiatives. If Diversity is having a seat at the table, and Inclusion is having a voice, Belonging is believing that your voice will be heard. Belonging cannot be mandated by HR or C-Suite leaders; it must come from employees. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t know how to measure Belonging, interpret results, and act on them in a way that improves a sense of Belonging among employees while driving business results.

During this interactive roundtable, Dr. Navin Kunde, formerly head of Open Innovation at The Clorox Company, will share how the DEI culture team he led measured Belonging within R&D, interpreted the results, and then dove underneath the surface via employee focus groups to uncover barriers and potential solutions. He will discuss challenges in communicating the importance of increasing Belonging to leaders and managers, and the difficulty of putting in place practical steps to deliver this aspiration in a way that would be well-received by a skeptical R&D and innovation community.

Dr. Kunde will discuss both Barriers to Belonging as well as the Solutions implemented at Clorox, but the ultimate goal of this session is to share his insights and experiences so they can be useful to other R&D and Innovation leaders and managers who are serious about improving Belonging.