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How to use R&D to Strengthen Energy Transition, Reduce Market Risk, and Increase Company Value


R&D plays a key role in company success by providing the right mix of operational and technical actions and narrowing the path to energy transition. Advanced Analytics such as market analysis, demand forecasts, and Inventory simulations support this. It’s critical to have a responsive supply chain and manage spikes and force majeures, as COVID has shown. Supply shortages can have a devastating impact on your company and your customers. We will examine the key lessons learned, ideal ways to evaluate your current supply chain, and ways to make operations more resilient while preserving company value.

Some questions that we will discuss:
What does success look like in 2023?
What lessons can be learned from energy transition, capital allocation, and market risk in terms of R&D leadership?
How to use big data to forecast demand and supply and prevent supply shortages?
How to think ahead and strengthen our supply chain for market uncertainties?
How can R&D leaders do to make the company attractive for key investors?

In this session, we will examine what it takes to provide strong R&D leadership in 2023 and how to lead companies through the energy transition and increase company value. R&D Leaders at IRI must deliver new innovations that lead to lower energy consumption while ensuring the stability of operations and supply chain. The presentation will end by discussing the future of AI/ML in creating company value.