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Exploring Sustainable Solutions


Learn about the major challenges in sustainability, with an opportunity to delve into potential solutions through cross-sector collaboration and innovation. The focus will be on understanding the circular economy, decarbonization, chemicals of concern, and social issues, providing you with comprehensive insights and tools to tackle these key issues.


  • Jamie Pero Parker

    Jamie Pero Parker, Ph.D. is the sustainability sector lead for RTI Innovation Advisor, an innovation consultancy housed within RTI International, a global not-for-profit research institute. Jamie has been with RTI Innovation Advisors for 15 years and has advised many of the world’s leading companies oncircular plastics, sustainable packaging, green chemistry, and the emerging circular economy. She has also written about how sustainability changes the innovation process and has collaborated or supported various consortiums in the space. Prior to her work at RTI International, Dr. Pero Parker was a scientist with The Clorox Company. Dr Pero Parkerholds a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.