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Course 103 – Ethics and the Right of Way Profession

Dear IRWA members and nonmembers,

The International Executive Committee has approved the International Professional Education Committee’s recommendation of Course 102 – Elevating Your Ethical Awareness to serve as the only premier IRWA course that can be purchased and completed to fulfill the ethics requirement for any of IRWA’s certifications and designations.

Course 102 Online, like the in-person version, was developed with the intention of eventually replacing 103 and 104; it also contains the most current updates on IRWA’s Ethical Rules, Standards of Practice and Disciplinary Procedures.

Those who have already purchased Course 103 Online – Ethics and the Right of Way Profession or Course 104 Online – Standards of Practice for the Right of Way Professional within the last five years will still be able to access, complete and use those courses towards qualifying and continuing education. However, these courses will be removed for purchase from the IRWA University website beginning May 16, 2022.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding as we continue to provide you with the highest quality education and credentialing programs in the right of way industry.

Kristen Bennett, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
Chair, International Professional Education Committee

Course Number:
C103 Online
Course Title: Ethics and the Right of Way Profession
Course Level: Ethics
IRWA Credit Units: 8 QEU / CEU*
*QEU (qualifying education units) and CEU (continuing education units)

Course Description
This course outlines the concept of ethics and acquaints the right of way professional with the Rules of Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures. This course includes practical learning exercises to assist participants with finding solutions to ethical conflicts within the right of way profession.

  • Industry/Specialist: Ethics courses are applicable to all IRWA Credentialing programs. Successful completion of Course 103 (Course 102 - "Elevating Your Ethical Awareness" or Course 104 “Standards of Practice for the Right of Way Professional”) is a requirement for initial completion of all IRWA Credentialing programs. Successful completion of either the ethics or standards courses is also mandatory every five years for recertification purposes.

  • Basic concepts contained in the IRWA Code of Ethics (Code) and the Rules of Professional Conduct (Rules)
  • Importance of the Code and Rules
  • Application of the Code and Rules
  • Disciplinary regulations that administer the Code and Rules
  • Recognizing inappropriate professional behavior and identify situations that may produce complaints about ethics
  • Practical suggestions for resolving conflicts of ethics when they occur

Course Tuition includes
Participant Manual (in PDF format; available for download)

Who should take this course
This course is designed for right of way professionals who are in need of ideas and practical solutions for understanding and resolving ethical conflicts as well as those who need to re-certify.

Anytime you purchase an online class at IRWA University, you have one year from the date of purchase to complete your class. After that time, the class will no longer be accessible. Your progress is saved, however, it is highly recommended that you finish the class as soon as possible from the date of purchase to ensure high retention and application rate of knowledge and skills learned.

All participants will receive a total of 2 attempts to pass the exam with a score of a 75% or better. If a passing grade is not achieved by the second attempt, the participant must re-purchase the class if he or she wishes to take the exam a third time. Please note, IRWA online classes are not approved for State QE or CE credit.