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Course 100 – Principles of Land Acquisition

Welcome to class…we’re glad you’re here!

Please note that completion of this course also fulfills the Course 100 requirement in the IRWA Designation and Credentialing programs.

For more information on the IRWA Designation and Credentialing Programs, contact the IRWA Credentialing Manager, at (310) 538-0233 ext. 123.

All participants will receive a total of 2 attempts to pass the exam with a score of a  75% or better. Kindly note that if a passing grade is not achieved by the second attempt, the participant must re-purchase the class if he or she wishes to take the exam a third time.

To your success- Good luck!

Price: $565 USD for members / $710 USD for non-members

Course Description
This 16-credit course provides an awareness of the disciplines involved in right of way and the vital importance of the "team approach" to project management. This course also features international "country-specific" modules that provide unique country-specific information on these topics.* Participants will gain an understanding of environmental issues, learn the methods of acquiring and transferring title to realty, understand three views of engineering plans and the fundamentals in property description systems. Participants will also be introduced to ethics and its critical role in right of way practice. Additional topics include the requirements of a valid contract, information on easements, deeds, leases, the appraisal process, successful negotiations, and relocation requirements involved with right of way property acquisition and management. An exam at the end of the course will evaluate knowledge transfer.

*Canada premiers as the first international country-specific module with future International country-specific modules under development.

  • Industry: A core course required for all 4 pathways in the RWA program.
  • Specialist: Required course for the R/W-URAC program.

  • Ethics
  • Interdisciplinary Team
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Engineering/Surveying
  • Appraisal of Real Property
  • Negotiation/Mitigation
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Property Law Concepts

Course Includes
  • Video module series instructed by a cohort of IRWA industry experts
  • Learning Guide w/ helpful Study Guide
  • Principles of Right of Way Desk Reference

Who Should Take This Course
This course is geared toward infrastructure professionals who want to learn the practice from an international perspective, novice right of way professionals with little or no experience in the right of way field, individuals specializing in a specific area of right of way, and right of way managers desiring a refresher course.

Note to Students
This course includes general content video modules as well as country-specific modules for the various disciplines involved in right of way and infrastructure work. There is a Learning Guide, which we suggest you download and/or print, to go along with the general content video modules and a Learning Guide to go along with the country-specific video modules.

Updates have been made to keep the course content current. Please note that the page numbers for the Learning in Action Exercises mentioned in the GENERAL CONTENT video module have changed since the update. Please use the list provided here to locate the page numbers of the Learning in Action Exercises mentioned in the video.

In addition, there are important supplementary handouts that we have included along with a helpful study guide. All video modules, Learning Guides, and supplementary handouts are available for you right on the course home page.

Also, please be sure to download your very own copy of The Principles of Right of Way Text included with this course. At the end of the course, you will take an exam with a minimum passing score of 75%. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that you can download/print for your portfolio.

We hope you enjoy the course and that you learn and are able to use/ apply this information in the workplace. Good luck!