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Graphic Organizer for Highest and Best Use

Here is an instructional tool called a "Graphic Organizer" that was designed by CLIMB Certified Instructor Christina H. Thoreson, SR/WA to aid in the teaching of the concept of Highest and Best Use in the study of Appraisal. It helps the instructor to gauge understanding of the concept and helps the student categorize information in a logical way. It can be used in C400 Principles of Real Estate Appraisal, as a refresher in C402 Introduction to Income Capitalization Approach and C403 Easement Valuation or in C421 Valuation of Partial Acquisitions before and after the topic of valuation.

About the Instructor:

Christina H. Thoreson, SR/WA, MAI
Participating in the real estate industry since 1972 (sold my first lot from horseback at age 6), my degree in real estate from Georgia State University provides a solid foundation from which research, valuation, analysis, and brokerage skills have grown. Owning a business and teaching real estate principles at Chattanooga State helped create great perspectives allowing me to assist clients with their real estate needs. My current focus independently is real estate appraisals, appraisal reviews, specialized valuation projects and litigation support for eminent domain in Georgia. I am also a Review Appraiser/Right of Way Appraiser 3 for the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) in Region 2.