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AP ISMPP U: Authorship and Author Engagement (July 2019)

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One of the key challenges of authorship and author engagement is receiving adequate author input when developing manuscripts, abstracts and other publications deliverables. Receiving and documenting author input is a vital and incredibly important part of good publication practice. We’ve all had the challenge of sending an outline of a manuscript for author review only to have it returned with minimal comments or no comments at all.

In this AP ISMPP U, our speakers share their perspectives of authorship and author engagement from the perspective of an Editor-in-Chief of a high-tier journal (what journal editors look for and what they consider to be important) and from an experienced senior agency editorial team member (with practical advice on how to increase author engagement).

At the end of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Understand authorship criteria from the perspective of a high-tier journal editor
  • Understand the importance of author credibility
  • Take away and implement best practice for increasing author engagement during the publication preparation process
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